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Welcome to PPP Finland Oy

We deliver early morning newspapers in Ostrobothnia. From Kronoby in the north to Kristinestad in the south. (As of today Vaasa and Sepänkylä are not included in our network.)

We also deliver other products like advertising and magazines in this area. Would you like to know more?

Distribution supervisor

If you have problems with your newspaper delivery, please contact customer service of that newspaper.If outside operating hours of customer service you can also contact our distribution supervisor.

Supervisors operating hours are:

  • Mondays 8-12
  • Tuesday-Friday 6-12
  • Saturday-Sunday 6-10

010-526 2744 jakelu@dppp.fi Follow us on Facebook

Distribution depos
Korsmosståget 16
68600 Pietarsaari

PLC Terminals
Storgårdsgatan 3
68800 Kolppi

Åminnevägen 2 B
66900 Uusikaarlepyy

Kokkolantie 149
66800 Oravainen

Liisanlehdontie 8
65100 Vaasa

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